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Prevent the Flu this Season

The following article was sent to me without a byline. I hesitate to post anything where I can not give credit to the author; however, I hope I will be forgiven as I believe this is too important to ignore. Having studied herbs and natural medicines for over 20 years, I can tell you that the following information is sound. The only item I do not know about is the Bioperine. You may want to do your own research on that before using it. As always, talk to a trusted health care provider before treating yourself.


The Swine/Bird flu causes death among the strongest and most healthy individuals by causing a cytokine storm in the person's normal immune system to overreact and flood the lungs with fluid.

The current H1N1 outbreak has had a very low mortality rate, in large part because it doesn't trigger this cytokine storm and also, is a close relative of an older flu strain for which many older individuals already have partial immunity. But if this comes back in the fall, with a deadly mutation ,or from deadly shots it will cause this cytokine storm. that produces these different receptors TNF-a, IL-6, IL-1, IL-8, neuraminidase, & others. The first part of the below protocol will prevent you from getting the swine/bird flu. The second part will inhibit the above receptors that swine/ bird flu need to cause a cytokine storm in the body. If you do get the cytokine storm the Turmeric 95% CURCUMIN combined with the Bioperine® will stop the deadly cytokine storm.

The best medications to have in kit:
(These are adult doses, modify by body weight for children.)

To Prevent the flu:

1. Colloidal Silver: 30ppm silver ,will help kill the flu dead in it's tracks taken oraly, & nebulised thru the nose & mouth into the lungs 3 times a day.

2. Vitamin C w/Rose Hips: 1000 mg taken with each meal 3 times a day. and increase slowly to 2000-4000 mg per meal. Your optimal dose is just below the point where your body complains by giving you mild diarrhea. This is called the "bowel tolerance dose." Such doses are perfectly safe. Be sure to take vitamin C with food that will coat your stomach to prevent stomach upset.

3. Vitamin D : adults can simply take 4,000 units a day, or less when you go into the sun. Children over 50 pounds need up to 2,000 units a day. Under 50 pounds, about 1,000 units a day. There is no way to know for sure how much you need without a blood test, called a 25-hydroxy-vitamin D. That test should be conducted in the late winter, when your levels are the lowest, and at the beginning of fall, when your levels are the highest.

If You Come Down With The Flu :

1. Bioperine® : A 20 mg dose of Bioperine® can increase curcumin’s bioavailability twentyfold . Take 30 min before the Turmeric 95% CURCUMIN.

2. Turmeric 95% CURCUMIN: 900mg: to stop a "cytokine storm" immune system overreaction if you become infected. Take 4 900mg tabs a day.

3. Scuttellaria (Skullcap):Antiviral. A herb used as a tea. It has no side effects and is also a mild tranquilizer. Research suggests neuraminidase, which is a substance needed by the H5N1 virus to reproduce, may be inhibited.

4. Green Tea :(possible Tamiflu/Relenza alternative)- Very effective antiviral. Also decreases the production of the cytokine (catechins) TNF-a. Inhibits neuraminidase. May have antiviral activity that is equal to other antivirals such as Tamiflu.

5. Resveratrol : In addition to inhibiting neuraminidase, resveratrol also sends a message to cells to stop manufacturing viruses.

6. Cat’s Claw (Enzymatic Therapy Saventaro): The Only Cat's Claw That's: - 100% Contaminant-free (no TOA's) - 200% More Potent than Cat's claw products derived from the bark - Guaranteed to benefit both the natural and acquired immune systems Decreases the production of the cytokine TNF-a. Also boosts immune system. The number of white blood cells was significantly increased during treatment. No toxicity was noted.

7. Vitamin E : Immune booster. Also decreases the production of the cytokine TNF-a. Very suitable for immune compromised people, especially the elderly. Effects enhanced when taken with Vitamin C.

8. St Johns Wort (Hypericum): - Very effective antiviral. Also decreases the production of the cytokine IL-6. Hypericum is an extract from St John’s Wort. There have been some very successful field trials in commercial flocks infected with H5N1 in Vietnam.

9. Zinc (L-OptiZinc 30 mg of Zinc): , a zinc-methionine complex ,Zinc has been shown to have direct activity against a range of viruses. Zinc is a mild to moderate inhibitor of neuraminidase. Zinc ions have been shown to have a slight inhibitory action on all strains of neuraminidase tested Zinc reduces TNF, IL-1 and IL-8 production Zinc can also turn down TNF, ICAM and
other cytokines involved in over reaction to H5N1 and other viruses.

9. Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) (3% solution food grade) :and a Nebulizer that will allow you to fill the medicine container. Mix H202—2 parts to 1 part distilled water. Nebulize into lungs by breathing mist deeply and through mouth 3-6 times daily according to symptoms. remarkable results in curing the flu and cold within 12 to 14 hours by administering a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into each infected ear, (sometimes only one ear is infected). The H2O2 starts working within 2 to 3 minutes in killing the flu or cold; there will be some bubbling and in some cases mild stinging occurs. Wait until the bubbling and stinging subside (usually just a few minutes), then drain the excess fluid onto a tissue and repeat the process in the other ear. It is easiest to lie on your side in bed while using this method, and a Q-tip or cotton ball work well to administer the H2O2. It is best to use 35% food grade Hydrogen peroxide diluted to a 3% solution. mix 1 ounce 35% food grade peroxide to 11 ounces of distiled water in a pint jar ,shake. you now have a 3% peroxide.

The following substances may be best to avoid during a H5N1 pandemic:

Elderberry juice (Sambucal) - AVOID - Increases production of cytokines TNF-a and IL-6. This substance is very effective against the common flu but may not be desirable for the H5N1 virus. Increases in these cytokines may trigger a lethal cytokine storm.

Micro Algae (Chlorella and Spirulina) - AVOID - Increases production of cytokine TNF-a.

Honey - AVOID - Increases production of cytokines TNF-a and IL-6.

Chocolate - AVOID - Increases production of cytokines TNF-a and IL-6.

Echinacea - AVOID - Increases production of cytokines TNF-a and IL-6. Although it is often used for normal flu, research shows that it may increase the chance of cytokine storms for H5N1.

Kimchi - AVOID - Increases production of cytokines TNF-a and IL-6. calcium and magnesium-AVOID increased the activity of neuraminidases.

Dairy products & Bananas - AVOID - These foods increase mucous production.

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