Monday, January 31, 2011

Unhealthy Energy - How are you affected?

What’s really exciting about clearing trapped energy from your body is that the possibilities for reversals of pain, illness and trauma seem to be unlimited.  I recently came across an article by Dr. Ben Johnson, who is both and N.D. and an M.D., and who co-founded the Immune Recovery Cancer Clinic.

He did have quite a bit of success with alternative treatments at his clinic, but there were always some patients who did not recover. He came to believe that internal trapped energies were the problem.

“When traumatic experiences, which include repressed anger and rage, are stored in the cells of the body, those cellular memories are like tiny radio stations transmitting destructive energy patterns within the body, causing disease, chronic pain and most importantly ... shutting down the body's immune system.

 “When your immune system is shut down, your body becomes the ideal habitat for disease, especially cancer.

“Until you remove the destructive energy patterns brought about by cellular memories, true healing can never take place….

“According to Alex Loyd, Ph.D, N.D., the root of all cancers and all diseases is a destructive energy pattern in the body.  Once you remove that destructive energy pattern, the cause of cancer --  or any disease -- melts away every single time.

“Research from Southwestern University Medical School concludes that our best hope for healing incurable illness and disease in the future may very well lie in finding a way to heal cellular memory.

 “That's corroborated by Dr. Bruce Lipton, bestselling author of Biology of Belief, and former Cell Biologist at Stanford Medical School, who says that 95% of illness and disease is caused by stress, but virtually 100% of stress is caused by wrong beliefs in the subconscious that other scientists call cellular memories.  When you heal those beliefs, even genetic illness and disease can and often does heal.”

If you would like to experience what clearing trapped energies can do for you, give me a call. You'll find more about some of what I do here, and you can read about the experiences of some of my clients.

As always I wish you peace and prosperity,

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Losing Weight is Impossible If . . .

Losing weight is impossible if...
If you have your "danger foods" in the house.

I know the food gurus all say that there really is no "bad food"; however, I know that there are certain foods that draw me like a magnet if I'm tired or depressed or angry or bored or..... (fill in the blank).

The ONLY WAY that I can lose weight is to
* get those foods out of the house
* keep them out and
* find something healthy, delicious and easy to grab when I'm in a mood.

Then and only then will I be able to change my habits, end my cravings and lose that weight.

What are your "danger foods"? Usually it's something sweet or salty or both. So what are some substitute foods to get you started on the right path? Here are just a few suggestions. I'd love to hear from you if you've found some "happy" foods that work for you.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sugar - the Good - the Bad and the Ugly

This time of year it's pretty hard to escape sugar. I have a fabulous box of homemade fudge on my kitchen counter that is calling to me all day long.  Then there are the endless cookies, breads, pastries, and pies that go along with the holiday season. So we indulge and we vow to be better come January 1st, but is it possible to avoid all sugar? Better question - should we avoid all sugar?