Monday, February 13, 2012

Brown Fat - Do You Want It?

I learned something today. Love when that happens. I was amazed to discover that Brown Fat is actually good fat! I thought it was the opposite. So wrong!
Brown fat - when it's activated - actually melts white fat. WOW! Scientists have discovered that we all have some brown fat - we were born with it. However some lucky people have more brown fat than others and they are usually the trim folks.

"Brown fat burns energy to generate heat. It is perhaps best known for keeping babies warm, but scientists have now realized that adults do retain active brown fat. We can be made to produce more brown fat through exposure to cold or activation of the sympathetic nervous system. The new study suggests a more engaging environment is another, perhaps more effective path to increasing brown fat."

Studies have been done with mice that seem to prove you can create more brown fat and thus lose more white fat by being socially active. In other words get off your butt and get out there - meet people, go shopping, go dancing, go to coffee shops, take classes, join groups. You get the idea.

Further study indicates that people with higher levels of brown fat are overall healthier.  "(Researchers) found a direct correlation between the activation of brown adipose tissue and metabolic measures that indicate the presence or absence of good health," NIH researcher Francesco S. Celi, MD, writes in an editorial accompanying the studies.

What a great recipe for losing weight. Grab your sweetie or some friends and go have some fun. Be social. Be active. Create more brown fat and watch the white fat melt away. Awesome!

Be well always,

Friday, February 10, 2012

Protecting Yourself from EMF's

EMF's or Electro-Magnetic Frequencies are the energy transmission frequencies found in power lines, Cell Phones, all wireless devices, home wiring, airport and military radar, substations, transformers, computers and appliances.

"In his autobiography Going Somewhere Andrew Marino PhD., J.D. recounts this contentious 40-year history from the intimate perspective of a key participant, concluding that EMFs, which invariably cause changes in brain waves, can ultimately affect the immune system and lead to a wide variety of disease states."

When I do my clearing work with clients, EMF's almost always come up as a problem that needs to be cleared.  When I clear the energy in homes, again I find EMF's are everywhere often leading to problems with sleep, eating, moods and behaviors especially in young children who are so susceptible. 

So I'm excited to tell you about GIA Wellness. They have a unique technology that helps protect you and your family from these dangerous EMF's. My favorite product is a plug-in EMF disruptor called the Harmonizer. It nutralizes EMF's in a 60 sq.ft. area from computers, wiring, cell phones, wireless land line phones, microwaves, etc. People report
  •  Feeling less stressed, more focused and more energized in the home and office
  •  A positive behavioral change in family and even pets
  • Much improved sleep
You can read about the Harmonizer, the cell phone disk, products for your computer and even beautiful disks you can wear at this site.

As always, I wish you well and I'm here to help.