Friday, March 26, 2010

Aching Joints? Inflamation? Take a look at MSM

The main component of FlexioPlus by Life Force is MSM.  Otherwise know as methylsulfonylmethane, it is a naturally occurring nutritional sulfur found in the tissues of all plants and animals. It is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body found in virtually every cell of the body with the highest concentrations in the skin, hair, nails, and joints.

 MSM is one of nature's richest sources of sulfur. Here is a partial list of it's benefits:

·         MSM is vital to the production of energy.

·         It helps make the body's cells more permeable, which allows nutrients to flow in and toxins to flow out

·         MSM combines with toxins and facilates their removal

·         It is an essential ingredient of protein necessary for collagen synthesis.

MSM is a safe and effective way to meet the body's sulfur requirements. You should take it internally, but you can rub it into the skin over inflamed joints or sore muscles for faster healing.  It should not be confused with sulfa-based drugs, sulfates, or sulfites, which are synthetic and have been known to cause allergic and other adverse reactions.

Insufficient MSM may cause

·         greater sensitivity to pain

·         an inbalance in the body's alkalinity

·         interferance with your body's ability to turn food into energy

·         inability to repair or replace damaged tissues quickly

·         allergy symptoms

·         inflammation

·         brittle hair and  nails

·         poor circulation

·         skin problems

·         premature aging

·         cellular damage

Be sure to use MSM with your animals too. You'll notice shinier hair, stronger nails and greater mobility.

You might also want to read "The Miracle of MSM the Natural Solution for Pain", written by Dr. Stanley Jacob MD, and Dr Ronald Lawrence, MD.

As always - be well ~


Monday, March 22, 2010

Why work for your company?

Is it because you have the best product or the best company or even the best compensation plan?

We've all been there - someone is telling us that their product is the BEST. We won't find anything better. Everyone says it, and while it may be true today - at this moment - what about tomorrow? Will someone come out with something better - newer - faster - shinier?

OK - so your product IS really, really good, but your compensation plan beats all the others hands down! And you really believe that - at least right now you do. Maybe you are right. Today. But someone is always thinking up ways to make something better, and sooner or later there will be a compensation plan that beats yours.

So what do you do? Do you constantly switch jobs following the "best product", the "best company", the "best compensation?" What a time killer that would be, and think about your credibility in the eyes of your clients / customers. "What is Tom representing today?"

What it's really all about is YOU! People trust YOU! People buy from YOU! People want to work with YOU!

Sure your product, company and compensation plan all need to be good. You need to feel good representing them all - it always shows. However, the bottom line is if they don't like you for any reason, they will not trust you, buy from you or work with you. The greatest VALUE you offer your clients is the value of you as a person.

Can they count on you? Will you always be there when they have questions or need help? Will you really listen to their concerns and problems? Will you offer creative solutions - even if it doesn't involve your product? How much value will you provide? That's the make or break question.

If you want to delve more into this topic, I highly recommend "The Go-Giver" and "Go-Givers Sell More" by Bob Burg and John David Mann. Forget sales techniques and start fresh. I think you'll find this a much more enjoyable way to do business.

All the best~

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bone Density the Natural Way

Do you worry about Osteoporosis? Do you already have it? Maybe you Mom or your Grandmother has it. Did the doctor prescribe Fosamax? Hmm.... Fosamax is in the news again and I think you should take a look at what they are saying.

"Serious Fosamax Side Effects"

"Fosamax Raises Bone Fracture Questions Among Patients"

"Osteoporosis Drug Blamed for Leg Breaks"

So what is the answer? You could do something completely natural that has been creating positive results for over 20 years.

I'm talking about OsteoProCare and Body Balance by Life Force. Body Balance, with it's 9 sea vegetables and aloe vera is loaded with bio-available minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids and enzymes. There have been hundreds of cases reporting relief from pain, illness, fatigue and more.
However, when you add liquid OsteoProCare, with calcium orotate, magnesium, potasium, boron, Vit D3, glucosamine and chondroitan and a host of other minerals, really wonderful things start to happen.

"My husband, Cliff, was run over 4 years ago working in a manhole, with the car parked on top of him. Fractured scapula, ribs, shoulder, knee injuries not to mention other internal problems. His orthopedic doctor and internist were impressed at how his bones have meshed back together and the density of them. After 2 years of recovery, his is now back working plus we are building a new home literally with our own 2 hands along with our families help. No more leg cramps, RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) is improved. Body Balance, OsteoProCare, and FlexioPlus have really helped in our journey back to health."
Kathryn Price

Life Force International is one of the few companies in the US that uses calcium orotate (by combining calcium carbonate and oritic acid) in a calcium supplement. It is the most expensive of the carrier chelates which is why so many other companies fall back to using calcium citrate or calcium carbonate.

When you combine this powerful ingredient (in liquid form no less) with other high quality ingredients it sets OsteoProCare apart from anything else currently in the marketplace.

"I have been suffering with a frozen right shoulder for over 2 years. I faced surgery with no Health Insurance. I had so much pain, I wasn’t unable to lift my arm above shoulder level or behind my back. I had to have help dressing.  To remove my shirt was excruciating. I had gone to many doctors, including a pain management doctor who prescribed 2 cortisone shots with no help.  I have been seeing a chiropractor for 6 months everyday for therapy with some help, but I would always relapse. On one of my worst weeks when I was ready to quit my business, (I own my own mobile hair salon), and give up, I was called by two ladies, Patsy Pvete and Tina Slayton from Lifeforce.  I had been praying for God to help me.

On Feb.1 2009 I received my first Body Balance, OsteoProCare, and FlexeoPlus. I took it everyday. Feb 14 which is my birthday I had been on the product 2 weeks.  This is when I noticed after a weekend that I was able to move my arm.  After that the mobility in my shoulder has become more flexible and less painful. I am now able to go back to the gym and I am working out with more energy."
Tina Martin

"Calcium orotate is absolutely free of any side effects and in this respect, it is far superior to all the conventional calcium salts now being used. Because calcium orotate can penetrate the complex cell membranes, it can compensate for a disturbed calcium transport through these cell membranes.

And what is more, in suitable cases, this substance is a very satisfactory agent in the re-calcification of metastatic defects in the skeletal system."
H.A. Nieper M.D.

Terry Lieder has been on Fosamax for almost 7 years due to osteoporosis in her hips. It was 3 1/2 years ago that her friend Beth introduced her to Body Balance and Osteoprocare. After being on these products for just over a year, she went in for her regular bone density test and discovered that the osteoporosis was finally reversing. She was gaining bone density! Her doctor was pleased and told her to keep doing whatever she was doing.

Melissa W. had gone through menopause and was diagnosed with early osteoporosis due to low estrogen levels. She decided to try the Body Balance and OsteoProCare too. About 2 years later she had a second bone density test to check how much bone density had been lost due to the disease.
Doctors were surprised to find that Melissa's bone density had actually increased by over 1 point. 
Very exciting news.

My hope is that you will look into the information provided here, talk with your doctor then make a more informed decision about your health. Remember - it's your body - your life - and only you should have the final say in how you care for it.

Be smart and be careful. Get all the facts. Then think natural. If there is a way to achieve the same or better results using natural means, why not give that a try first.

As always, be well~


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