Friday, October 2, 2009

Holly's Healthy Shake

Holly says this shake saved her life. I don't know about that, but I do know that it certainly did not hurt. She had severly clogged arteries 6 months ago and now they are clear. She started drinking this shake daily and would then eat a healthy meal or two when she was hungry. That's all there is to is. She lost weight, experienced tremendous energy and is feeling better than ever.

Life Force is offering a special deal on the products needed to make this shake. Read below for the details then give me a call if you would liketo give it a try. Remember - you have nothing to lose with Life Force's 45 day money back guarantee on all of their products.

Enjoy ~
Reasons to Take the Shake:

1)By having the shake the problem is solved of What to Eat for Breakfast to count on having Consistent Energy and Mental Clarity to get thru to lunch.

2) Experience a Level of Wellness that most People Don't Know Exists. Have Energy all day into the evening for Kids, Sports, Projects, Creativity and Intimacy !!!

3)Most people notice that they Eat Less because they are getting the Minerals and Vitamins that the body is starved for due to demineralized foods from soil depletion.

4)Most people notice that they Sleep Less and wake up feeling more refreshed. Naps become a thing of the past.

5)Most people notice that their Emotional Well Being Evens Out. Highs and lows get lopped off.

6) Most people notice that their Mental clarity, Ability to Concentrate, Focus, Attention Span improves and Memory improves.

7) Most people notice that their Recovery Time Shortened from sports.

8) Most people notice that their Food Cravings greatly diminish and often disappear.
How Holly's Shakes Saves you Money.

How Holly's Shake saves you money:
1) Covers the basis of requirements. An ounce of prevention...... you Pay for your Health Now or you Pay for it Later.

2) People report Eating 20% to 50% less. Based on spending $100 a week/400 a month, that's an $80 to $200 saving just there. Second big saving is people report eating less junk food and not buying other unhealthy things like Starbucks, soft drinks and fast food high sugar carb snacks... chips, which could add up to maybe $3 or $6 day another saving from between $90 to $180 a month.... That's a minimum Saving of $170 to $380 a month.
Plus.... what's the cost of getting sick, down time and baby sitters and no fun?? What would it be worth to you to Feel Great all TheTime.
People say they experience a Level of Wellness they didn't even know was possible !!! Not just one or two people but practically across the board.
Holly's Shake contains:

Item #/ product / reg price / autoship price

LF500/ Truegreens / $43.50 / $40.50
LF901 / 2 AminoCharge / $66.50 / $59.00
LF703 / FlexeoPlus / $26.75 / $24.00
LF300/ SunBright / $45.50 / $41.50
LF120 / Taheebo / $17.50/ $15.50
LF700V/ OsteoProCare/ $41.00 / $37.00

a la carte --- $240.75 / $217.50

Prices for Holly’s pack --- $216.68/ $195.75

30 day supply works out at $6.53 per day.

Here is the recipe for Holly’s Morning Shake

14 oz (approx) of pure water in a blender
2 cups of frozen ORGANIC berries: (or substitute your favorite fruits)
>1/2 cup of organic Blueberries
>3/4 organic Cherries,
>3/4 organic Cranberries
1 Rounded Tablespoon of True Greens
2 Heaping Tablespoons of golden (sweeter than the brown) Ground Flax Seed
1 T of a good omega rich oil with all of the omega's. I use 'Udo's Omega 3, 6, 9'
2 Droppers of Taheebo
2 Droppers of Sunbright
4 Droppers of Flexeoplus
2 Scoops of Amino Charge and blend all together
1 T of OsteoProCare
Blend until smooth
Add 3 droppers full of the Amino Regulator at the end, blend again and enjoy!!

Of course Holly always starts her day with a glass of Body Balance. Love it!

Give it a try. I'd love to hear your results.

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