Saturday, July 7, 2012

So tired of being tired

Everyone is talking about being exhausted all the time. Life is so crazy and we are stressed to the max! We don't take time off - can't afford to.  We don't get enough sleep - can't afford to. We don't always eat right - can't afford to? Or can't afford the time?  So what is the answer in this crazy, extreme life we created?

First of all, even if all of the above is true, a different perspective is needed here. We feel we can't afford the time, cost, energy, whatever to treat our bodies well. Here is the truth. We really can not afford not to. 

We all have these two little adrenal glands that help us deal with stress. Going back to the beginning of the human race these glands have allowed us to deal with extreme stress and survive. Here comes a lion - I need to run or fight like crazy. Extreme rush of adrenalin to give me super-human strength so I can survive. Afterwards I crash from all of that exertion and excess adrenalin, but that's OK because I am safe now so I rest and restore my body before the next trial. 

Jump to today - here comes the boss - say the right thing, have all the work done, make sure it's super-fantastic so I don't lose my job so I can keep my house and feed my family. Phone is ringing, emails need to be answered, need to take work home with me, need to work late into the night and get up early for a morning meeting - need caffeine to look like I'm awake - no time to rest - no time to restore my body - just keep pushing. . . . . . 

Wow! Your body is saying "Really?!?? You want me to do that again?!?!? When do I get to rest?"

Guess what - when your adrenal glands are exhausted they can stop producing adrenalin - that 'fight or flight' hormone that keeps you going at high-stress levels. What happens then is a system crash that will force you to either stop everything or use major drugs to keep going. Yuck! 

We need to make some changes as the best forward-thinking companies recognize. Some are incorporating yoga classes on site. Others are making time for Meditation or even mid-afternoon naps. If you have not tried the 15 minute nap, please do! It's amazing how that tiny bit of time can calm your nerves, reduce your stress and make you more alert and productive. 

Stress-free eating helps too. Avoid sugar and caffeine for starters. Add more fruits and veggies or if that doesn't seem appealing or possible, add one of the great whole-food, organic, cold-processed products that will give you your fruits and veggies in a quick shake. Two I recommend are Body Balance and Natraburst. I use them both. 

Stay hydrated - try for half your weight in ounces of water daily. (ex. you weight 160, drink 80 oz). 

Remind yourself to take deep belly breaths whenever you can. Take a 5 minute break and just breathe as deeply as you can. You will be amazed at the results - more energy instantly, better sleep, weight loss, better health, better complexion, etc. 

This is the only body you get this time around. It needs your love and attention. We all need you to take care of yourself so you can be here for a while and share your wonderful gifts. 

Be well always,

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