Sunday, July 29, 2012

I was wrong!

I started to write about foods that naturally reduce inflammation and was led (yes - I believe guided) to information that pretty much rocked my safe little world.

For years I have been touting the benefits of drinking RO (reverse osmosis) water because it was the only think I knew of that could eliminate all the toxins including fluoride from drinking water. I later learned that the ph level of RO water was very low (acidic) so we started adding liquid minerals to our drinking water and recommended that friends do the same.

Today I was led to article after article, including one by the WHO, proclaiming the dangers of drinking demineralized water. It is extremely acidic, absorbs carbon dioxide and leaches minerals out of your body as you drink it. In fact, your body contributes so much calcium, magnesium and potassium in an effort to alkalize the water that osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, gout, thyroid disease and heart disease can all result from drinking this water.

I thought adding mineral drops to the water would take care of this, but studies have shown this not to be true. After years of doing just that, RO water drinkers who added minerals were still more deficient in minerals than others who drank tap water.

I still believe that drinking unfiltered tap water is dangerous and there are many studies out the to prove that point. For now we are switching to the Shaklee Water Pitcher  This pitcher takes out way more contaminants than any of the other water filtration pitchers we looked at.  If you don't know a Shaklee consultant, contact me - I know several.

There - I feel a little better now. Please share this information with people you care about. We are all learning as we go and I will let you know new information as soon as I find it.

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