Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pink Slime in Your Meat

Imagine this - it's the meat packing plant and they are processing a side of beef. Oops! That big chunk just fell on the floor. No worries - someone picked it up and threw it back on the table. The floor's not too dirty - right? Don't they cut the outside layer off before they process the rest?

You would think so. Turns out that at least one meat packer is turning that outside filthy layer into a "pink sludge" and then adding it to the ground meat.

Where is this yucky meat used? In fast food chains and your kid's school lunches!!

It's time to get smart, America! Our kids are suffering from the terrible food we allow them to eat. Nothing is going to change until we change it, and the best way to do that is with our voices and our money.

Write to your school board.

Write to congress.

Talk to the butcher at your grocery store and ask them to grind the beef for you AFTER they WASH IT and TRIM IT. If they won't do that, then grind it yourself. A meat grinder is a great investment or you can grind it in your food processor. I ALWAYS rinse meat, poultry and fish before I cook it. If we all did that, so many cases of salmonella would be avoided.
A vinegar bath will both kill bacteria and tenderize the meat. Try it. Tell your friends.

Let's be smart everybody. It's time to take back control of our food and out health.

Be well ~


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