Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life Force Specials this week only

Oct 26 and 27 - Colloidal Silver & Taheebo Combo @25% OFF
Oct 28 and 29 - Sunset @ 50% OFF
Oct 30 and 31 - Sunbright @ 50% OFF

Silver and Taheebo I believe should be in everyone's medicine cabinet. We take both of these whenever we have been exposed to colds or flu or when we feel something coming on. In almost every case we wake up the next day feeling great!

SunSet is awesome when you want to de-stress or unwind any time of day. It does not make you sleepy - just takes the edge off so you can relax and get on with your day or wind down before bed. Many of us carry it with us all day so it's always handy. No side effects like pharmaceuticals either.

SunBright is the perfect antidote to S.A.D. Syndrome. Those of us living in the northern hemisphere know that the long winter months often bring a bout of the blues. SunBright is a safe and effective way to bring a little sunshine when you're feeling down. No caffeine or stimulants means you can take SunBright as often as needed with complete confidence.

As always Life Force products come with a money-back 45 day empty-bottle guarantee.  We don't promise cures. We simply provide the great nutrition your body craves.
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