Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Clearing Trapped Emotions

Well this is a diversion from my usual talk about nutrition; however, I've stumbled across something that is too important to keep to myself.

With the help of Dr. Bradley Nelson, D.C., I have learned how to clear emotions that have become trapped in your body. "How did they get trapped?" you ask. Well we all experience emotions throughout our lives - even before we are born. Usually we process these emotions and then get on with our lives. Sometimes though, we are under a lot of stress, or are feeling overwhelmed or even ill, and we can't seem to process the emotions so we 'store them' for later. The problem is that later never comes.

"How does this affect me?" you ask. Think of the fact that everything is energy. Every cell in your body, in the air, in the chair I'm sitting on, . . .
Every energy cell has a vibration - a very particular vibration. Your heart has a different vibration than your liver or your elbow.

In addition, every thought and every emotion has a vibration. This is the basis for the law of attraction. Like attracts like. Similar vibrations attract each other.
Send out the thought vibration along with a powerful emotional vibration of prosperity now and, almost like magic, prosperity will start finding you.

So back to those trapped emotions. They each have their own vibration, and if they come to you at a time when you can't deal with them, they become trapped in your body - usually in an organ and the connected muscles. They have a different vibration than a healthy functioning organ or muscle so they throw things off a bit. What often results is pain or injury or illness in that area.

Now since your subconscious remembers in detail absolutely everything that has happened to you in you life, we can access these trapped emotions by asking your subconscious if you have them, what they are and where they are trapped. Then we can help you release them.

The results can be very dramatic. I've seen swelling disappear in 5 minutes. I've seen pain disappear in less than that. People ofter report feeling lighter - like a weight has been lifted. Sometimes cravings diminish or vanish. I've even seen morning sickness stop cold.

If you want to know more about this, please call/email me. I can work with you in person or long distance. It would give me great joy to help clear a thousand people by the end of the year. I know it's made a difference for me. Maybe it can help you too.

Be well always ~


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