Friday, September 24, 2010

New Cancer Risks with Osteoprorsis Drugs

 Dear Readers ~  It saddens me to think about how many of you are facing the crippling disease of Osteoporosis with hopes that a pill will come along to fix it for you.

As you know, I am not a doctor; however, I know that multiple factors contribute to the disease. Heredity is one and body acidity is another.  Basically what happens when your body is acidic is that your blood will grab calcium from your bones to help alkalize things. We know that certain foods make your body more acidic (meat, grains, sugar, etc) and this acid environment is a perfect breeding ground for many diseases, including cancer.

So that brings us to the latest "remedy" provided by the pharmaceutical world - a little pill that will reverse osteoporosis. Remember what happened with Fosamax and how everyone stopped taking it? The new drugs are just a variation of the same basic chemicals. Here is the latest research on these new drugs from 

 “The risk of esophageal cancer increased with 10 or more prescriptions for oral bisphosphonates and with prescriptions over about a five year period.

     In Europe and North America, the incidence of esophageal cancer at age 60-79 is typically 1 per 1000 population over five years, and this is estimated to increase to about 2 per 1000 with five years' use of oral bisphosphonates.” 
Green J, Czanner G, Reeves G, Watson J, Wise L, Beral V.

There is a better way. We have seen case after case of osteoporosis reversing with bone-density scans to prove it. What these women are doing is simple, natural and completely safe. 
Every day they take 2 or more ounces of Body Balance and 2 tablespoons of OsteoProCare liquid calcium and mineral supplement.

If you'd like to read their stories and many others go to here.

We need to start taking responsibility for our own health. It's time to stop handing over our power to doctors and pharmacists.  As Sally Fields says in the commercial, "I've got this one body and this one life..."
Why risk it. Why not get smart and take control with something safe and effective.

I'm a phone call / email away when you're ready to be empowered.

Be well ~ 


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