Friday, September 10, 2010

4 Signs of Stroke You Need to Know

The 4 simple signs to look for in a possible stroke: (STRS)
1. Ask the person to SMILE
2. Ask the person to TALK - a simple sentence spoken coherently
3. Ask the person to RAISE BOTH ARMS over their head
4. Ask the person to STICK OUT THEIR TONGUE - should be straight, not to the side.

If ANY ONE of these is a problem for the person, call 911 immediately. Doctors tell us if we can get the person the proper care within 3 hours, ALL SIGNS OF THE STROKE CAN BE REVERSED!!

People die all the time because we don't know what to look for.
Another problem is that the person may trip, fall or just drop something and become embarrassed. They brush off your concern and seem to be OK. Remember - any ONE of the above signs can signal a stroke so insist on getting them to do the test. Laugh about it - tell them you are just practicing and they can be your guinea pig - whatever you need to do.

I know of a woman who tripped and fell at a party. People were concerned. She blamed it on being clumsy and brushed it off. Several hours later she was dead. She had suffered a stroke.

Remember S-T-R-S (think stress). Smile - Talk - Raise arms - Stick out tongue.

Be well ~

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