Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Without a functioning immune system - you would die.

Even a common cold could kill you without a functioning immune system. Each year over 60 million Americans will get the flu and over 50 million will suffer from allergies and asthma.  How strong is your immune system? How much work will you miss this year due to colds and flu? How much work will you miss because your kids are home sick?

Stress can alter your biochemistry and severely damage your immune system, and so many things affect our daily stress. Life used to be much simpler - farmers worked the fields, harvested crops and spent the winter preparing for the next planting season.  Other craftsmen set up shop to create and sell their wares and the fruits of the harvest. The work day was generally from sun-up to sun-down. At the end of the day, an evening meal with the family was prepared from locally grown, fresh foods untainted by chemicals and grown in mineral rich soils.

Even though we know more about the workings of human anatomy today, we continue to poison our bodies and feed ourselves empty calories.  Add to that the stress of a modern life style and its no wonder we are seeing terrible increases in disease.

Heart disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetis are all affected by our immune system. The key is to stay healthy and to stay healthy you need to:
  • get enough sleep (7 - 9 hours for most people)
  • reduce stress in you life when possible (learn to say no and allow time for you)
  • drink plenty of filtered water (one ounce for every pound of body weight)
  • exercise a little bit every day (walk around the block)
  • nourish you body with the nutrients it needs to build and repair cells

So where do you find the nutrition your body needs. Even the AMA (American Medical Association) has agreed that eating good food is not enough anymore. Our soils no longer can supply the minerals and nutrients to the foods we grow.  So we need to turn to alternatives to nourish and protect our bodies and our battled immune systems.

Life Force has just introduced a delicious and easy way to provide super protection to your immune system.
Vitali-C Plus is the next revolution in immune nutrition.  It's one of the few places you can get pinecone extract anywhere. Nowhere has anyone combined Vit C, Zinc, New Zealand Black Currant, Quercetin and Pinecone Extract. Life Force has produced a very powerful product  with literally thousands of scientific studies extolling the virtues of its ingredients.

The ingredients in Vitali-C Plus have been show to ~
  • Promote immune cell development  
  • Strengthen immune system response to allergy pathogens   
  • Protect and optimize immune system cells   
  • Restore effective immune response  
  •  Aid in the production of anti-stress hormones  
  • Fight free-radicals
Now you can get Vitali-C Plus - the super Immune Booster so that you and your family can feel great and stay healthy. It's easy to use in convenient stick packs that won't break the bank.  Just tear one open and stir it into a little water for a delicious, fizzy drink. No added sugar, artificial sweetners, artificial flavors, artificial colors, preservatives or caffeine.

Call me to get yours today or call Life Force directly at 800-531-4877.

To your health ~

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