Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NEW - Delicious Way to Boost Your Immune System

Each year, over 60 million Americans will get the flu and over 50 million Americans will suffer from allergies and asthma. Don’t be one of them.
Your best defense against illness is a healthy immune system. Stress, lack of rest, and poor diet all contribute to reducing the strength of your immune system and weakening your body's response. Unfortunately, we don't often think about bolstering our immune response until it's too late.

Life Force has your solution!

Vitali-C Plus is the next revolution in immune nutrition. With Vitali-C Plus, you no longer have to settle for just feeling good when you can feel great! Just one a day can fuel your immune system for superior defense. Defend your family's health with Vitali-C Plus.

The ingredients in Vitali-C Plus have been shown to:
- Promote immune cell development
- Strengthen immune system response to allergy pathogens
- Protect and optimize immune system cells
- Restore effective immune response
- Aid in the production of anti-stress hormones
- Fight free-radicals

Vitali-C Plus contains:
- No added sugar
- No artificial sweeteners
- No artificial colors
- No artificial flavors
- No preservatives
- No caffeine

Each pouch of Vitali-C Plus contains 36 individual stick packets, making it easy to take on the go and share with others. Best of all it tastes GREAT! Just add a stick packet to your water bottle, give it a shake and enjoy a delicious, fizzy drink that will have you glowing with good health in no time.

When you order by August 31st you get FREE SHIPPING!

To place your FREE SHIPPING order for up to 4 pouches of Vitali-C Plus, call me at 608-245-9308 or email Already a Life Force Customer? Then you can call U.S. Customer Service at 800-531-4877 today!

*This offer cannot be combined with any other product order -- free shipping only applies to qualifying orders of Vitali-C Plus. Orders can only be placed by phone. CLICK HERE to learn more about Vitali-C Plus.

Be well~

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