Sunday, May 16, 2010

If you are ready to end your pain, please read.

I just read a story about Martha B., an accomplished writer and life coach, who has suffered for many years with the debilitating pain of fibromyalgia. On top of that, she had to face the humiliation of doctors who basically told her she was crazy. I know that humiliation, and no one should face it. That is why I am determined to help as many of you as possible to take your health back into your own hands. We are not helpless, and the Universe has provided us with such abundance to use as we need.

I hear these stories every day, and it makes me so angry! I don't usually say this out loud for fear of offending someone, but so much of the suffering we see today is senseless. So much of it could be avoided.

If you choose to turn away from something that could end your suffering, that is up to you. My only purpose is to be the messenger. I know a better way - a way that has helped millions who gave it a chance. I so passionately believe in this gift - for it is truly a gift from nature, from the Universe or God if you will - and those who assembled this gift, I believe, were divinely guided.

For over 25 years this single substance has stopped pain for millions, helped others get off of harmful medications, helped children lead more normal lives, and more. 

The substance I speak of is Body Balance - the simple yet complex juice of nine very specific sea vegetables, organic inner-gel aloe vera, organic black cherry and raw honey. Those who are very sensitive can feel the energy of this substance with the first swallow. For others it takes more time. In the several years I have worked with this product, I have never seen it fail to help a person who continued to drink it. Some give up because their results were not instant enough, but for those who persist, the rewards can be great.

If you are ready to end your pain, I believe this could help you. I do not offer guarantees. Every body is different. I do, however, work with each of my clients to help them adjust their lifestyle taking small steps toward change and toward healing. 

If you want to know more, call me. If you think I am wrong, don't call. I am hear to work with those who would like to learn a different way.

Be well ~
Mary; 608-245-9308

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