Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Treat Yourself Well

Day 19 on the Liver Cleanse Diet and still going strong. The scale says I dropped 15 lbs so far. I've found that moving several times a day really makes a difference. DUH! Notice I didn't say exercising. Just move. Dance, do flips, hoola hoop, run up and down the stairs, lift and swing cans of soup, have a tickle war with the kids, wrestle with the dog or your husband. : )  Just move a little every few hours and see what happens.

The other key is to 'treat yourself'.  Make something that you usually reserve for company like homemade guacamole on salty rice crackers or fresh hummus on veggies. So what if avacados are $1 each. You used to spend three times that on a carmel latte. So buy quality, rich, yummy things at the grocery store and keep your fridge and pantry stocked. Then when you are feeling a little deprived, you can fix yourself a treat and be proud of the way you are staying on your healthy course.

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