Friday, June 12, 2009

Schools Out - Now What? Keeping kids happy and healthy this summer.

Today was the last day of school here in Madison, WI and, while we all breath a sigh of relief that we made it through another year - some of us are not looking forward to summer. Maybe I can help. If you have kids at home in the summer, of course you know all about trying to keep them busy and out of trouble. But what if I could help you keep them happy, healthy and CALM? Yes - I said calm. I don't mean drugged and I don't mean prescription meds either. I'm talking about natural, organic, great-tasting nutrition that could make your summer so much better.

Some of the things you might see with Body Balance are:
  • fewer allergy attacks
  • better sleep
  • fewer cravings for sweets
  • more even temperament
  • fewer tantrums
  • more focused energy
  • better health
  • Sunburn Relief - just dab a little directly on burns, stings and bites
Body Balance is a quick 2 - 4 ounce drink in the morning that makes the whole day go better. I've seen it over and over with kids - some of whom have issues with ADD or ADHD and others who just don't feel well. Maybe they don't eat the best and constipation becomes a problem. That could make anyone cranky. Body Balance has helped many children feel better in just days.

And how about you? Could you use a little extra energy this summer to get through the long, crazy days running from the beach to the park to the swimming pool, tennis lessons, etc. ? Please give yourself the gift of natural health and energy with Body Balance.

As always - all Life Force products are guaranteed for 45 days from date of purchase. We call it the "empty bottle promise". Use the product for a month. If you don't love it, return the empties for a refund. We really stand behind our products.

Life Force has a simple philosophy - give the body the nutrition it needs, and it will heal itself.

Why not give yourself and your family the gift of a healthy and happy summer. Contact me today to learn more.

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