Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Love Story

I'd like to tell you a story that started back in the 70's when Wayne and Geri met and fell in love. San Diego was a great place to start a family so they did - three beautiful babies followed. Then something went wrong. After the 3rd baby, Gerri began to lose her health. She went into early menopause, developed migraine headaches, anemia and an overwhelming fatigue that had her back in bed by 2:00 in the afternoon. Wayne had to take off work to help care for the 3 small children. He was terribly worried about his beloved Gerri.

They spent several years going to doctors without much luck. Then Wayne decided to take matters into his own hands. While in the service as a med-tech, he had read about the Japanese people and how they lived very long and healthy lives. Much of this was attributed to their consumption of sea vegetables which made up 25% of their diet. He had always wanted to pursue this further and decided now was the time. He got together with some colleagues and came up with a formula containing 9 very potent sea vegetables, organic inner-leaf aloe vera, organic black cherry and raw honey. Any of these ingredients is a potent healer on it's own, but together he hoped they would really help Gerri.

Gerri began taking this pleasant tasting drink daily even though she didn't hold much hope for success. She was surprised when, after only a week, her persistent migraine headaches were gone! After that she said it felt as though life was slowly seeping back into her body. Her strength returned, her fatigue disappeared, and, within 3 months, she was healthier than ever.
Wayne was able to return to work, and Gerri was so excited about her results, she decided to share the drink with her doctors. It was her doctors who told her that this wonderful drink might help others and she should consider sharing it.

Well Wayne and Gerri has always envisioned themselves one day being involved in something that would make a difference in the world. They decided that this sea vegetable and aloe drink might be that thing. They formed a company called Doctor's Signature (since it was the doctor's idea to share this product) and they set up shop in the kitchen with the garage for their office.

They decided that doctors would be their best audience and proceeded to knock on doors. At first it was difficult - they had no credentials. But they got lucky when they knocked on the door of Dr. William Saccoman. He had started the first 'wellness clinic' in the US and was world renowned for his Nobel Prize winning work on Vit C with Linus Pauling. He had also been recognized by the World Congress for his research and had earned two Physician Recognition Awards from his colleagues. Gerri and Wayne knew none of this. They just asked if he would like to take a look at their healing juice. He did. After a couple of weeks, he called them and said he had never seen anything so packed with nutrients, and he asked if he could help them with their company.

And so, with Dr. Saccoman's help, Doctor's Signature and their wonderful drink, Body Balance, spread throughout the US, Canada and into Australia and New Zealand. Over 6000 health-care providers were using this product with their patients. In 1996, Wayne and Geri decided that they could help more people if folks didn't have to go to a doctor to get their Body Balance. So they formed a network marketing arm of the company and called it Life Force International.

Today, 25 years later, Life Force is still growing, is still completely debt free, is still family owned with Wayne and Gerri's children partnering in the business, and is still driven by the mission to help others with their health and their wealth. Wayne often refers to this as "love sharing". What an incredible couple. It's a true love story.

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