Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cancer will be # 1

Two encounters with passionate people this morning made me realize that I am not doing enough to help spread the word about natural health. The first person, Winona, spoke to me for 2 hours about her journey to rediscover her health. She has learned so much about nutrition and natural healing, yet her quest continues.

She was raised by health conscious parents who gardened organically. She rebelled in her early 20's, eating what everyone else was eating. The last few years have been a long struggle to get back to good nutrition and health. It was a joy to listen to her. I know she has found a path she can stay on.

Then my friend, Deanna, shared some of the things she has experienced and learned lately. She spoke of the startling prediction that Cancer will be the #1 cause of death within 2 years. We are not getting a handle on it - at least not as fast as we had hoped. She spoke of the fact that it's the everyday choices we make - water or soda, burger or salad, work out or tv. . . . - that are slowly killing so many of us. This is the first generation of children in known history that will have a shorter life expectancy than there parents. That's a sobering thought.

But my purpose here is not to depress you. I was energized by their passion for spreading education about nutrition and health. I could relate to their struggle with family and friends - the people you care most about - who refuse to listen. There is always hope.

Have you heard the talk about eating an alkaline diet to get healthy? There is so much evidence that all disease needs an acidic environment to thrive. When you change your body's PH to alkaline levels, disease is starved out and you thrive instead.
You can research food alkalinity at this web site and many others I am always available to talk with you about it too.

So there is hope if we are brave enough to change our ways. This being the time for change - maybe we can.

I wish great health, wealth and happiness ~


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