Friday, December 19, 2008

Digestive Enzymes

How are digestive enzymes destroyed or rendered inactive?

1. Chemical cultivation. When natural food is grown in an artificial, chemical environment created by chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, enzyme content suffers.

2. Heat. Enzymes begin breaking down at 118° F and are totally destroyed at 129° F.

3. Pasteurization, Sterilization, Freezing, Micro-waving. All these modern processes render enzymes inactive.

One of the most effective ways of preventing disease is to maintain an ample reserve of enzymes in the body.

Medical research shows that food enzyme supplements can fight illness, slow the development of life-threatening diseases, and slow the effects of aging. Dr. Francis Pottinger conducted an amazing study with over 900 cats. He fed one group of cats raw milk and meat. They lived healthy and disease free. They produced healthy litters generation after generation. He fed another group of cats pasteurized milk and cooked food. After the first generation, this group became lethargic and began to suffer from allergies, infections, and other diseases, including heart, kidney, and lung diseases. Each succeeding generation of cats that ate cooked food suffered more diseases. By the third generation, the cats were unable to reproduce.

Another study showed that after eating cooked food, the human body reacted just as if suffering an acute illness. Within 30 minutes of eating cooked food, white blood cell counts increased dramatically, as though the body were fighting an infectious disease.

In a very interesting experiment, one group of pigs was fed enzyme-rich raw potatoes and another group enzyme-deficient cooked potatoes. The pigs eating cooked potatoes gained weight rapidly. The pigs that were eating raw potatoes did not get fat.

An area of deep concern is obesity. Dr. David Galton at the Tufts University School of Medicine tested people weighing 230-240 pounds. He found that almost all of them were lacking lipase enzymes in their fatty tissues.

Lipase is found abundantly in raw foods, a fat-splitting enzyme that aids the body in digestion. Lipase activity breaks down and dissolves fat throughout the body. Without lipase, fats are kept and stored in tissues. We see this manifest around the waistline, hips, and thighs. According to 1998 statistics, a minimum of 25 percent of our children are overweight today—an increase of 33 percent since 1978. This obesity may be due to chronic enzyme deficiency.

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