Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What is a Healing Crisis?

A healing crisis is the opposite of a disease crisis yet in many ways feels the same, and symptoms are often similar. It's very important to make the distinction between the symptoms of disease process and those of the healing process. Healing crisis usually occurs after a period of increased well-being, and may last a few days. Each healing crisis releases physical problems from the past. When a healing crisis comes, do not attempt to stop it! This confuses most people because, "If I feel sick, I must be sick," when in actuality, the discomfort of the healing crisis is an indication of your own body working to heal itself, from the inside, out.

The fastest, easiest and most effective method to promote healing is to detoxify the tissue. Colon cleansing is an all important step in this process. A cleansing program ultimately leads to the beneficial and important healing crisis, which manifests as the recurrence of old physical problems, such as a runny nose, flu-like symptoms, and fever which occurs to burn out toxic waste. The ills that were once suppressed by drugs are now released. As one continues a healthful pattern of living through good nutritional practice (the science of food combining known as Trophology), one may experience several healing crises, each time releasing past problems. This is a sure sign that the right path has been taken and that the body has gained the strength to heal itself naturally. Our body does its best with what we give it, therefore, we must learn to work with nature and not against it.

Typically, as a condition proceeds toward the chronic stage, the allopathic approach calls for powerful drugs to suppress symptoms. To begin the reversal path and get back to a higher level of health, we must retrace the path back, from illness back to wellness. To bring about a reversal, and a healing, we must understand that suppression is the wrong way to go. Rejuvenation cannot be accomplished by using drugs or suppressing symptoms. Elimination of toxic material must be assisted rather than repressed. "There is a tremendous need to make a distinction between the symptoms of a disease process and those of the healing process." Dr. Bernard Jensen Herings Law of Cure explains the distinct differences between the development of the disease process and the healing process. There are differences between the symptoms manifested by disease from the symptoms of healing a disease. Herings Law of Cure states, "All cure comes from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared in the body." As we adopt right eating and living habits, our body reacts to these new behaviors. The state of health will retrace backward via the same path that led us to disease in the first place.

By working toward a healing crisis you can activate the location of chronic settlements and toxins that create weakness in the body. When the old waste matter is activated, or stirred up, it returns to the bloodstream and begins the process of being eliminated from the body. It isn't pleasant to experience, but necessary for healing to occur. As the toxins become free flowing, they work their way out through the eliminative channels and orifices of the body. Don't settle for short term suppression, reach for long term tissue rejuvenation through bowel cleansing. Toxins can be eliminated by colon cleansing and good nutrition, which is a more natural wholistic approach to make us whole again.

When you use the Life Force Colon Cleanse Program, you will experience a very gentle yet effective detox. We include Activated Charcoal in our program which absorbs up to 100 times it's weight in toxins as it moves through the system. So while you will be detoxing, you will not experience the harsh effects of the toxins being released into the blood stream. It's also a great product to keep in the medicine chest for those times we overindulge in alcohol or get a touch of food poisoning.

I'd love to chat with you more about our programs. You can reach me at nomorepills@tds.net.

Stay healthy.

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