Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Natural Approach to Treating Cancer

No one wants to hear the dreaded diagnosis of cancer; however, every day we learn more about natural, healthy ways to treat it. If we can get beyond battling with pharmaceutical companies and find a way to work together, imagine how fast we would progress. But that's another matter.

Right now there are very effective ways to treat - maybe even cure - cancer, all types of cancer. This article outlines another natural way to battle the disease. It involves very specific diet changes based on body type and type of cancer - an interesting twist.

This makes sense. It's time we stop trying to find one wonderful cure-all, and instead look more closely at each individual - what made them sick, what do they eat, body type, blood type, exact type f cancer, etc.
Dr. William Kelley first developed this idea decades ago, but his ideas were ridiculed and suppressed. Recently Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez has done more research on Dr. Kelley's methods and is reviving the treatments with remarkable success.

Please read the article and do your own research to learn more. There are many natural ways to deal with cancer. You must find what feels right for you.

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I wish you great health and joy.
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