Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Clear Out the Old - Start Fresh

Hard to believe that 2010 is almost over. It's been a highly charged, very emotional and often stressful year for so many of us. I have to believe that 2011 is going to be better, and I'd like to do my part to help that happen for you.

My joy comes from helping you face tomorrow feeling better, happier and more excited than today. How do I do that? I'm basically a guide. With many years of study, teaching and coaching on creating health and wealth, I am ready to serve and guide you as you work toward your own health and prosperity goals.

A good place to start is by clearing out trapped emotions from this past stressful year and every year before that. We know that emotions are simply an intense energy form that can get trapped in our bodies. When trapped, this emotional energy can block natural, healthy energy flow and can attract injury or disease. I can guide you to releasing that trapped negative energy so your body, mind and spirit can be lighter and more at ease. What a great way to say goodbye to 2010 and start the new year fresh.

One more thing - I would very much like to assist combat veterans in this emotional release and offer my services free of charge for them. Please share this information with any vets you know. Distance is not a factor.

If  you'd like to know more, call me at 608-245-9308 or visit the Energy Clearing page on this blog.

Have a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season.


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