Monday, November 24, 2008

Knock Out Infections FAST!

Here is a great, true story from a woman in Wisconsin. Maybe you can relate.
Hi all,

I wanted to write and tell you what happened last night to me, because I think it is remarkable.

I am 35 years old and I had never had a bladder infection until earlier this year. Last night was my third bladder infection in my whole life. If any of you out there have had one, you know it is just terrible. I knew it was because I had overdosed on sugar last night. I was mad at myself, but what can you do, it was too late.

Well, let me explain the story a little bit so you know where I am coming from. It was 10:30 at night and my husband Jesse's pager went off. He is a volunteer fireman and he had to leave for a fire call. He was already in bed at that time sleeping and I was just crawling into bed. I lay there freezing. I couldn't warm up. I began to realize, that this was the beginning of a bladder infection because of the uncomfortableness and urgency and pain and all that jive.

Thankfully, Jesse got home by 11:30 because they got cancelled. I didn't have the heart to tell him just yet that I had a bladder infection. I did not want to have to go to urgent care which is about 30 minutes away, plus I knew he was really tired. I thought maybe I could just take myself in, but really, who likes to do that when they feel that awful? Not me.

So I got up and went for the Taheebo and Colloidial Silver. I took 4 droppers of Taheebo and 4 or 6 droppers of the Colloidial. Then I went to go lay down again for a little while. I was so cold (I am guessing from fever). I had 3 blankets on and I just couldn't warm up. Jesse said I didn't feel cold at all. I knew it was probably fever. I was just laying there, quietly thinking and praying about how I could just make it through to morning. I thought, I will just go drink a bunch of water and keep taking more and more of the Taheebo and Colloidial. Even though I would be awake most of the night, it would be better than having to go into urgent care in the middle of the night. Then all of a sudden, it was about 10-20 minutes after taking the Taheebo and Colloidial, my eyes "popped" open and I am telling you that awful pain was gone! And I only took it that one time? How could that be?, I wondered. I didn't know how powerful that stuff was until last night. And so fast acting, it was almost hard to believe had it not happened to me in person.

Well, that's what happened. I fell asleep shortly thereafter and my fever broke not long after that. The bladder infection is completely gone. Praise the Lord. If you haven't stocked up on Taheebo and Colloidial for the winter season, you should do so now. We stay pretty healthy when others are sneezing and wheezing around us. It always helps with colds and flu, and now I know how important it is to have around for a bladder infection too. Imagine how much money that saved me last night from having to go in to urgent care. I know I don't ever want to get caught in the middle of the night and not have it handy. How wonderful! I am so thankful.

We keep both Colloidal Silver and Taheebo in our medicine cabinet especially in the winter. When you add these to your daily dose of Body Balance, winter bugs don't have a chance.

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