Sunday, July 20, 2008

Help with Detox Symptoms

Toxicity is a killer and the sad truth is that most of us are toxic. Poisons are everywhere - in the air, in the water and, most of all, in our food. But you think you eat pretty well - egg, bacon and whole-wheat toast with coffee for breakfast; a sub sandwich for lunch; just one cookie with coffee for that afternoon slump; a chicken breast, steamed green beans and a salad for dinner. Not bad - but far from what your body needs.

First of all - even steaming your green beans kills all the enzymes that help your body digest your food. Protein of almost any kind is really hard to digest, especially without those enzymes, and you didn't get any fresh, raw vegetables with breakfast. Don't get me started on bacon - do your own google search there. Coffee and sugar put your adrenals in a tailspin and who knows what chemicals are in the chicken these days. Hope you're drinking reverse osmosis water.

So you want to detox. Great idea. Here's a caution though. When the detox product you use starts to release those toxins that have been stored in your body for years, they can create some nasty sypmtoms like headaches, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, rashes and the list goes on.

One tip to make it easier and safer is to munch on 3 cups for raw leafy greens (think spinach, kale) every day for a week before you start the detox. In addition, take a daily fiber supplement and eat fiber-rich foods like fruit and seeds. The greens will strengthen your liver to better handle the detox and the fiber will cleanse your intestines to force the toxins out more quickly.

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