Doctors Tell Us

The following testimonials are from medical professionals who have had outstanding experiences with the products. The testimonials were submitted in their own words and have not been altered. Life Force International has not endorsed these statements. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

"I've helped so many people experience better health by sharing Life Force products with them. When I introduce products such as Body Balance, people say they truly want it and need it because the results speak for themselves. Life Force products have allowed my family and I to lead healthier lives. I truly cannot say enough great things about this company."
Dr. Tony Tirri, DC
Madison, VA

"Body Balance is essential to my patients, and if someone can only afford to use one product, I always know that Body Balance will provide what they need."
Dr. James Stephens, ND
Osark Healthy Herbs
Cawssville, MO

"I have worked with different nutritional supplements and seen many positive results from them. However, in my years recommending Body Balance to people, I have seen, overwhelmingly, more positive results that last than with any other product on the market."
Juli Ferrante, RN
Coral Springs, FL

"I personally take Body Balance and OsteoProCare. I recommend them both highly not only for the older age group but for all ages. In over 30 years of general medicine, I discovered that many people are ignorant about both health and nutrition. I have focused my practice on educating patients as well as treating their ills to assist them in taking charge of their health and improving quality of life."
Dr. Lorraine Wheeldon, MD, FACRRM
Busselton, WA

"I have found that most people do not obtain the right amount of nutrients to be in optimal health due to deficient soils and processed foods. So it is essential that we supplement with Body Balance which is the best liquid supplement I have come across."
Dr. Ron Bellestri, DC
Discover Chiropractic
Morgan Hills, CA

"I personally find that Body Balance gives me an effective, efficient way to supplement my diet, and it gives me the assurance that I've consumed the necessary nutrients my body needs for optimal health. Because I don't always eat a well-balanced diet, I truly need the "gaps" in my nutrition filled in. I take OsteoProCare and OsteOmegaCare on a daily basis also. I also use Colloidal Silver and Taheebo every day to maintain my immune system. Several days each week I take SunBright and/or Sunset. I use FlexeoPlus regularly since there is a history of joint problems in my family. I do a Colon Cleanse Program every six to twelve months. At 57 years old I still actively play with my 9-year-old grandson, and that includes but is not limited to kickball, baseball, and basketball; during the summer months he keeps me active in the swimming pool. Tina and I live in the country, and I love the rural setting with abundant wildlife and fresh (fairly fresh) air. I am grateful to God for His goodness, and I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to learn about natural health, to share my story with others, and to be able to assist them in their quest for better health."
Dr. Ashley Hayes, DDS, DNH
Linden, TN

"If you have been looking for an easy and effective way to provide good nutrition for yourself and your family, look no further."
David R. Friedman, B.S., N.D., D.C.

"I have had access to every professional line of supplements in my private practice in Boulder and taken and done everything that money could buy for myself, I can honestly say I have never seen results like what I have witnessed with Body Balance. With my professional background of seeing thousands of patients at my clinic over seven years, I have had the privilege of observing first hand what does and doesn't work. Also, having struggled with my own health for twenty-five years, the Body Balance had the one thing I never knew about or had access to, the rare earth minerals. My body was malfunctioning because it was starved for those minerals. It was the one thing missing."
Holly Wheeler
Paonia, CO

"I have found that Body Balance has been a much needed addition to my health."
Cyndee Tiffany
Belton, MO

"With our bodies having access to such bio-available, high grade nutrients, they have the raw materials available to cleanse, nourish and strengthen. The body can then address its own health challenges. I have seen the difference personally and with the hundreds of people to whom I've recommended these products."
Annie Schellenberg, RN
Boulder, CO

"I believe I offer a more comprehensive health plan by combining specialized nutrition with treatment and education for maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system. As a health practitioner I have so much more to offer my patients by including the Life force products. Once the spine and nervous system are in order adding Body Balance as part of the nutrition regimen can help take care of other issues the body is having that take longer to heal."
Dr. Chris Leone, DC
Leone Family Chiropractic
Springfield, IL

"I have shared Body Balance with over 1,000 patients, friends, family members, and strangers over the last six years. I love Body Balance because I see it as more than just baseline nutrition for all - I see it as the foundation that everyone should build their health upon - I believe in it because it delivers unparalleled results."
"I have seen hundreds of health conditions dramatically improve, with daily proper usage of Body Balance in conjunction with Chiropractic Care. My patients and I love that it is simple, tastes great, and is the most complete effective whole food supplement on the market today. It provides 121 whole food ionic nutrients that are essential for vital health, that not only are not available in our foods today, but that you can't find anywhere else, and you can't find in a pill!"
Dr. Anthony Jaswal, DC
Lahaina, HI

"I am a chiropractor in Leola, PA. I recommend Life Force products on a regular basis to my patients. My philosophy of healthcare is that when you remove the interferences to health, the body can deal with its health challenges. A misalignment in the spine is interference to health. Nutritional deficiencies can also be major interferences to the body's ability to address its challenges. Give your body what it needs and it can take care of itself. Two products in particular that have produced life-changing results in some of my patients are Body Balance and OsteoProCare. I am thankful that I have such high-quality products to offer my patients." Dr. Irene Fuller, DC
Leola, PA

"I have been using and prescribing Body Balance by Life Force for almost ten years and the results are nothing short of amazing. In our clinic we successfully incorporate this product into health protocols from wellness care to immune compromised in patients of all ages. Our office carries a very limited number of products because we are so careful about what we recommend. We always have Body Balance on hand."
Dr. Sandra Powers, DC, L.Ac.
Southwest Spine Center
Carrollton, TX

"Now for the last 15 years I have been juicing fresh vegetable juice and wheat grass every day. I realize that I may not be getting all the minerals that I need, so we rely on Body Balance for our daily nutrition."
Dr. Bob Dees, DC, R.T.(R)
Canyon Chiropractic Wellness Center
San Ramon, CA

"Body Balance provides the solid, deeply nourishing, bio-available, food-based, nutritional solution and foundation we need. I have personally used many nutritional products over the past forty years and Body Balance is the first product that I actually experienced impacting and improving my health! I was not only pleased, but also very surprised as I was quite skeptical of the product when I was introduced to it due to its distribution through a Network Marketing company. However, as part of my research, I discovered that Body Balance had been distributed only to doctors and licensed health care providers the first twelve years Life Force International was manufacturing it!"
Dr. James Ray, DC, ND
Highest Life Health Centre
Boulder, CO

"Life is about balance, symmetry, proportion and order. In addition to re-establishing and realigning the spinal column, we provide patients with liquid, whole-food supplement options. Body Balance is a whole-food supplement rich in trace minerals. It provides the body with bio-available nutrients in liquid form that bring balance to the whole body. So, be assured that when you come into this office, you are being taken care of--body, soul, and more."
Dr. O'Mead Rahmanian, DC
Advanced Chirpractic and Wellness Center
San Marcos, CA

"Body Balance and other products in the Life Force range are unique in their formulation. We use them with many of our patients to obtain better outcomes. There are thousands of biochemical pathways or reactions occurring every second and the most important of these occur at a cellular level. Our bodies are made of some 100 trillion cells and every cell in the body regenerates many times in our lifetime. Similarly the body's structures regenerate themselves from cells: osteoblasts grow bone, chondrocytes grow cartilage, fibroblasts grow connective tissue and so on. The lining of the gastrointestinal system is replaced every 3-6 days. Total bone replacement takes about 20 years. Optimum cellular function controls every aspect of health and wellness from mental processes, digestive, immune, cardiovascular, nervous and so on. Optimum biochemical performance of the cells of the body depends on optimum supply of phytonutrients, vitamins minerals and many other nutrients. Body Balance is a bio-available food for the cells of the body. As one famous health professional said "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates (460- 377 B.C.). Body Balance and the Life Force products can help provide optimum nutrition for health."
John Charlick, BSc
Claremont, WA

"For me personally OsteoProCare and FlexeoPlus have helped improve my bone health without taking pharmaceuticals (whose long term effects have yet to be determined). I found these products at my local chiropractor when I went in search of highly absorbable calcium. Our health is priceless and too many people take it for granted - we don't get to do these bodies over."
"People have respect for nurses and I think we owe it to the world to help re-educate people that there are such alternatives. We have a wealth of knowledge and must be an advocate for patients from a safe, holistic perspective. My goal is to help myself and others stay well, prevent illness and have the best quality life that can be lived."
Julie Reynolds, RN, MS
Boulder, CO

"I have been on Body Balance for 3 years now and I know it has helped my immune system and energy levels. I work 10-12 hour shifts in the ER, BUSY shifts. I am exposed to a lot of germs, virus and bacteria throughout my day. I know that Body Balance has also helped my brother, who is a Type II Diabetic, with his health. He was the one who really made me look twice at the product along with my 90 year-old mother who says it has put the ZEST back in her life."
Linda Carr, PA-C, RN
Aurora, CO

"Body Balance is beneficial for both the pregnant mom and nursing mother to obtain vital nutrients. Its liquid state makes it easier to tolerate with nausea associated with pregnancy and also boosts an already suppressed immune system."
Mari Gambotto, RN, MSN, PNNP
Boulder, CO

"When we look at the depletion of our soils, and the food grown in those soils, the further depletion of nutrients by extended shelf life, processing and various other methods of depletion, the compromise of most people's digestive systems, where are we going to get these foundational nutrients? The Life Force products are the very best I have found in delivering that much-needed base. Being in the health field for over 30 years, I have used a lot of different products. I have honestly never seen people's lives change the way they do when they use these products. So I know that these fundamental nutrients are available and accessible to our cells from the Life Force products."
Christa Way, MScPsych, CMT, Diploma in Herbalism (Phytothera)
Boulder, CO

"I have been married for 35 years and have two grown children. We live in a small rural community in Wyoming in which we are fortunate enough to own horses and dogs. My son has cerebral palsy and has had many health issues and challenges over his life. My daughter is a cowgirl and has had many horse mishaps. I was a beat up night shift ICU (Intensive Care Unit) nurse who was taking large doses of medicine for joint stiffness. I could hardly move, I was tired all of the time and I could barely get through my shifts. Taking Body Balance has improved my quality of life immensely; I can easily get through a 12 hour shifts. Body Balance has also improved my family's life. My daughter is expecting our first grandchild and she takes Body Balance along with her prenatal vitamins. As you can see this is a family experience and we are passionate about Life Force products. I highly recommend this products to my friends, family and colleagues, young and old alike."
Debbie Phillips, RN
Frontier, WY

"Body Balance contains ionic ultra trace minerals -- these are essential for the biochemical pathways to remain connected and the person to function on all levels with optimal health. It is impossible to find a supplement with 120 ionic nutrients including these ultra trace minerals. In this liquid form that tastes great, it is the ultimate choice in supplementation to maintain health in children, adults and the elderly. "
"Osteoprocare is a unique formulation for skeletal support. This liquid product, especially when combined with Body Balance, has resulted in people becoming pain free in a short space of time, compared with other calcium/magnesium type supplements. If one purchased the individual nutrients that are in Osteoprocare in various supplement forms, it would cost them twice as much as the Osteoprocare, making it very cost effective."
Dr. Mavis Carruthers, ND, RN
Abundant Life Naturopath Centre
East Cannington, WA

"I share information about Life Force products with family, friends, clients, and acquaintances and use Body Balance, OsteOmega Care, and Amino Charge on a daily basis. In my personal and professional life, I promote the belief that well-being and the best quality of life is achieved from balance in all areas of our life. I love Life Force products because they have helped me feel better than I have ever felt before. These products nourish and support our bodies' innate ability to achieve and maintain optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health."
Dr. Julie M. Brauns, PHD, P.C., MA, MSW
Longmont, CO

"Feeding your body so your body-mind can take better care of itself and make living a positive experience is something that I have found to be crucial. Life isn't difficult. It's all about mastering simple daily things. And Body Balance is the simplest daily thing that we all can do to give us nutrients that are simply not present in our food chain that need to be."
Dr. Darag Rennie, MBChB
Stanmore Bay
New Zealand

"In our practice patients use Body Balance at 90% compliance which really allows the product to speak for itself. We also use DreamAway, True Greens and the Colon Cleanse Program in our protocols. Our patients have all become fans of the products and are more apt to comply with our recommendations based on their experience with Life Force. When patients come in with fatigue or other stress issues, we prescribe 2-4 ounces of Body Balance. When the patients see great results, we end up looking like shining stars!"
Dr. Ryan Bass, DC, L.Ac, BSc
Southwest Spine Center
Carrollton, TX

"My passion for my family and patients is to teach habits for optimal health and longevity. I am a member of the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, a nonprofit organization with a purpose to teach the community about disease prevention and healthy habits. I begin with recommending lifetime Chiropractic care and optimal cell nutrition. This is why I offer Life Force products to all my patients and family, especially Body Balance. When I realized that Body Balance was a natural unpasteurized liquid vitamin mineral supplement, I knew that this was a great product that would offer a high compliance with my patients."
Dr. Thomas Potigian, DC
Sunnyside Wellness and Chiropractic Center
Fresno, CA

"Life Force has created a product line that contains whole-food, highly bio-available, naturally balanced products that help provide the nutrients necessary to balance, repair, and restore the body's tissue systems. I use them with great success in my professional practice."
Dr. Cecile Bruhn, BS, DC
Innate Expressions Family Chiropractic Center
Manheim, PA

"In order for your body to function properly, you need to give it the ingredients for optimal cellular metabolism, function and growth. Body Balance is a perfect blend of natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients, which are key ingredients to achieving and maintaining health. In essence, Body Balance helps fill in the nutritional gaps missing in the standard American Diet."
Dr. Rommel Geronimo, DC, BSC
Geronimo Chiropractic
San Diego, CA