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Spina Bifida, Endometriosis

I was born with Spina Bifida a birth defect in which the backbone and spinal canal do not close completely before birth, I was one of the lucky ones. Others with this condition experience a canal that does not close at all causing paralysis and hydrocephalus.  I was repaired surgically and watched closely for changes or any trouble throughout my teen years. I have developed many issues related to Spina Bifida but have always managed to push through and live a productive life.

In early adulthood I began to suffer with endometriosis, a gynecological problem which causes many different symptoms, tiredness, pain in the lower abdomen, diarrhea,vomiting, weight loss, flu-like symptoms and terrible joint pain. My late twenties to early forties were totally plagued with surgeries and discomfort and although I was never afraid to mix east with west it seemed that I had tried anything I thought might help from Omega 3 fatty acid pills, which were new in the eighties, to new drug trials-but nothing helped until I reached menopause which lifted me out of the endometriosis nightmare that many women suffer from.   Although I was living day to day throughout my life with a pain level of between 10 and 14 with 10 being your worst pain ever experienced, I felt that I would have to push through all of those walls and keep moving...and so I did. Fatigue was a condition that I thought I had become quite familiar with.

It was June of 2002, I had been through a stressful time but life seemed to have leveled out and was ok now....AND THEN IT HIT ME the brick wall of what would become the most devastating medical news I had received in my 49 years, “you have Crohn’s Disease”. I had experienced some weight loss, what woman doesn’t want to shed a few pounds?  I hadn’t had much of an appetite but I thought that it was due to the stress. One afternoon I was afflicted with very bad flu symptoms accompanied by severe pain in my right side. Every bone, muscle and joint in my body hurt. I felt a kind of nausea that I had felt only one other time in my life, it was like a sea sickness. It worsened so dramatically in the next few hours that I called my gynecologist sure that it was some wayward endometriosis attack. A cat scan, blood tests and ultra sound resulted in the bad news of Crohn’s Disease.

I spent five out of seven days laying on the couch because I was so sick that I really couldn’t stay up for any length of time. I thought “is this what my life is going to be”?  I felt tired from the inside out. The nausea was constant and Crohn’s Disease at least in my case is a constant condition.

After a while I felt as though I had tried everything from pills to drug treatments and most everything in between, I became discouraged and disconnected from the rest of my world. Then a good friend told me about Body Balance and suggested that I try it.  Although skeptical, I began to take it every day and in one month I noticed a change. I could feel the effects of Body Balance. The effects of my low grade fever began to disappear, and my other pains became bearable. Still skeptical that this was the result of taking Body Balance I would stop taking it as if to test it for a week only to find myself back in a Crohn’s attack with the nausea, joint and abdominal pain and exhaustion from the inside out!  I found that I didn’t  know the real meaning of fatigue until I was stricken with Crohn’s Disease. It has been 8 years since I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease but with the Body Balance  I know that I am able to maintain a level of heath that allows me to continue a daily routine. There are no more 4 and 5 days a month spent on the couch. I have a feeling of health and well being with Body Balance. The aloe vera helps my digestive system and the sea vegetables nourish my body. It has been a lifesaving product for me and I wish for all of you who read this the same results.

Santa Fareri


A few years ago I lost my Dad to complications from Alzheimer's. My Mom is now nearing the end of the middle stages of that awful disease. I'm 48 years old so I'm thinking I have what, 20-25 years left? And then my kids - what are the odds that they will have it. Near the end of April, my dear friend Laura gave me a bottle of Body Balance and insisted I need it. She's not one to question things with so I took it. After about a week and a half - it really does sound goofy - but I felt really good! I couldn't say exactly what, but I felt different and insisted my husband start. Not realizing that I had just doubled the dosage and didn't get another order placed in time, we ran out. I took my last dose (4 ozs) on a Wed. and by Saturday, let me tell you. No one wanted to be around me! I felt uncomfortable, irritable, just plain awful. I think it was the next Tuesday, I had realized I was feeling like I had always felt before being on the Body Balance. I had no idea there was a better way to be. Dearest Sandy rescued me and my family, and brought us a bottle until my order arrived. My husband tells me that I will NEVER be off it again! My whole family is on the body balance now.

I am an avid horseback rider and am training my kid's horses. Coming out of winter, there is a lot of riding to be done before they can mount up. I have always had knee pain for about the last 15 or so years but could always ride for at least 1 1/2 hours before I'd have to give them a break. Back In Feb. we had a brief break in the weather so I hopped on one. The instant pain - I can't even describe it. Then I'm wondering how on earth I'm going to do this come spring. Well I did. My knees would actually kind of go numb after awhile but I still rode as the days on the calendar were narrowing down to the kid's first horse event date. Once on the Body Balance for only two weeks, the pain was nearly gone! I'm now told that people who aren't on vitamins tend to have earlier benefits from the body balance. (The last vitamin I had taken was prenatal and my son is now 10) I have since added the OsteoproCare, FlexeoPlus and I am pain free inside of 2 months.

Back when I was pregnant with my now 12 year old daughter, I had developed vertigo. It got worse when pregnant with my son - doctors had no explanation for it - basically just live with it so I did. A couple weeks into May, I was helping take down the stage curtains used during the school play. It wasn't until that night at home that I had realized what I had done. I looked straight above my head for minutes at a time unhooking the curtains! I have not been able to even change a light bulb before. Get this, I laid on the ground with the kids for the first time this year and watched the fireworks on the 4th! (sounds silly, but this is quality!)

Now for the best part:
A little after Christmas my son started having twitches in his face. It started with his nose twitching and then went to his mouth. I took him to the doctor (who is an ADD specialist - my daughter has been on meds for 3 years now) He explained that some kids/people develop "ticks". They may come and go and could affect anywhere on the body and there is nothing that can be done for it. Pretty much, just pray that they go away.

About a month after this, my son's teacher advises me that he is having trouble staying focused in class. Back to the doctor who then prescribes the first med. It did nothing so on to the next one. It seemed to be okay with him over the weekend so on Monday off to school he went (on the med) By 9:30 in the morning the school calls and tells me my son has broken out in hives. The doctor advises me that he feels my son is allergic to the fillers in the meds and that they are prevalent in all those types of meds. In other words - he can't take anything for the ADD. So I had asked the teacher to keep him in the front of the class and to please just work with him until I could figure out what to do. It was about this time my entire family just started the Body Balance. The last day of school is really a "party day" where parents/relatives are invited. I had asked the teacher how it went the last 6 weeks or so - if it was really difficult working with him. He had no idea what I was talking about. He told me that my son was absolutely fine. The teacher thought I had him on a new med!
Come fall, my daughter will not be on the meds either. (she only was on meds for school)
As for my son's ticks, they just disappeared!

My husband's chronic allergies have nearly diminished. Keep in mind, he has only been on the body balance since the middle of May - at the peak of allergy season in WI.
Our little cocker spaniel mix developed allergies this spring. A couple weeks ago we started her on an ounce of body balance & with just a couple days, her sneezing fits subsided.
The Colloidal Silver did wonders for our old cat that had herpes of the eye - 1 drop in the eye twice a day for a week and it cleared up (he had been on an ointment from the vet for 7 years)

In just a few months time, body balance has touched my entire family in the most profound way.
I was merely looking for a preventative to avoid Alzheimer's (if that is possible) and look at the benefits which were never expected or looked for. I believe I will be giving my testimonies for yet another 25 yrs...

God Bless,
Cindy Mahan