Body Balance

Body Balance ~ Whole Food Supplement from land and Sea


Body Balance is the original whole food supplement made from aloe vera and sea vegetables. Because it is a liquid whole food, the absorption is up to 98% and provides complete nutrition at a cellular level.. With most pills and powders, absorption is less than 30%, literally sending over 70% of your money right down the drain, while your health suffers. Don’t settle for an imitation. Body Balance is endorsed by thousands of health care practitioners, and has been recommended in their offices for over 25 years.(see Testimonials / Doctors)

What Can You Expect From Liquid Body Balance?

First of all it Contains Every Essential Nutrient in Nature's Perfect Balance

*Vitamins *Macro Minerals *Trace Minerals *Amino Acids *Essential Fatty Acids and *Enzymes

1. Cleanses the Colon and Normalizes pH Levels.

   *Facilitates Elimination *Improves Absorption *Enhances Assimilation
2. Supports the Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems.

   *Detoxifies *Promotes Healing *Nourishes
3. Supports the Immune System

   *Fortifies the body with essential nutrients needed to fight disease.

4. Supports the Nervous System.

   *Fight the effects of stress *Improves vitality *Promotes a feeling of well-being

5. Supports Metabolic Processes.

  *Facilitates Digestion *Reduces Cravings *Nourishes the Glandular System

6. Increases Oxygen at the Cellular Level.
  *Promotes Energy *Promoted Stamina *Combats Aging *Supports Memory

7. Excellent Source of Antioxidants.

  *Contains free radical scavengers known to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and strokes.

8 Anti-inflammatory Properties.

  *Reduces Inflammation in Arthritis *Reduces Inflammation in Sports Injuries
  *Relief from Inflammatory Diseases

9 Combats Side Effects of Harmful Substances.

  *Alcohol *Drugs *Tobacco *Environmental Pollutants
What does Liquid Body Balance taste like?
It is flavored with Natural Black Cherry and Honey, not only does it add flavor to Body Balance, but they are also a source of rich nutrients. Black cherry has been shown to reduce uric acid levels in the body, while honey is an excellent source of B complex vitamins, royal jelly, propolis and pollen.

Suggested Use and Serving Size Details:

Drink a minimum of 2 ounces (60 ml) per day, preferably all at once in the morning. Body Balance can be taken on an empty stomach. Check with your Life Force consultant to learn the optimal amount for you and your family personally.

Good for your entire family! Children love the taste and you can have the good feeling of knowing your child is getting what his/her body needs for optimal growth and health.

Body Balance works at the cellular level of your body. As your cells duplicate, they typically degenerate rather than regenerate, thus causing the sluggish not so good feeling, and sickness. Body Balance promotes healthy regeneration because it gives the body the opportunity to heal itself and bring itself back into balance, feeding and repairing each and every cell throughout the body!

Body Balance is our flagship product, a live whole food supplement and anti-oxidant in a base of aloe vera with a blend of nine different sea vegetables. It is a good tasting liquid that combines over 120 synergistically combined, naturally occurring vital phyto nutrients, including virtually every vitamin, phyto macro minerals, phyto-trace minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and enzymes necessary for optimal health. It's been around since the 1980's, because it works, and is  recommended by thousands of doctors! 
Doesn't it make sense to start today preparing for your life ahead?  It can be long and healthy with Body Balance!

Aloe Vera

Body Balance combines sea vegetation in a base of certified kosher and organic Aloe Vera juice.

The Aloe Vera in Body Balance meets the standards of certification by the International Aloe Science Council.

Oxygen at the cellular level is essential to growth and life, and the Aloe Vera, found in Body Balance, contains more oxygen molecules than the fluids of ANY other plant. You will not find this in any other supplement on the market today. Another reason why Body Balance is above all other liquid vitamins today.

For minerals to be assimilated by your body, they must be consumed in a natural ionic solution available only from select plant life.

Both plants and your body use pure ionic minerals to assimilate nutrients and produce life-sustaining energy.

Body Balance provides the ionic minerals you need and can't get from just food alone.

Depleted farm soils are already strip-mined and no longer contain the minerals our bodies desperately need. Body Balance is an exceptionally complete, whole food formulation. You get over 120 fully bio-available trace nutrients per ounce.

Body Balance allows your body to optimize it's capacity without being forced to waste precious energy trying to digest traditional compressed mineral tablets or gelatin capsules or taxing the kidneys.

People who have a heard time swallowing several pills will absolutely love the Body Balance delivery system. It even tastes good which means a lot!.

Sea Vegetables

Body Balance provides your body with whole-food phytonutrients, enzymes, and more! This amazing blend provides the body with with aloe vera, natural black cherry, honey, and an exclusive blend of 9 sea vegetables resulting in over 120 naturally occurring phytonutrients!

Each of the 9 sea vegetables in Body Balance are listed below
  1. Gigartina chamissoi has antiviral properties and essential glyconutrients
  2. Laminaria digitata supports the nervous system function, thyroid gland support, and bone health
  3. Palmaria palmata supports the nervous system support and cellular communication and has calcium and essential glyconutrients
  4. Porphyra yezoensis helps with metabolic support, liver support, gallstones, blood cholesterol control, inhibition of certain tumors, anti-ulcer agent
  5. Ulva lactuca helps with immune and cellular communication and has essential glyconutrients
  6. Alaria esculenta helps with nervous system support, cellular communication and has essential glyconutrients
  7. Ascophyllum nodosum helps with healing, immune function, thyroid support, bone and teeth health
  8. Chondus crispus helps with thyroid function and cellular communication; has essential glyconutrients
  9. Fucus vesiculosus is anti-coagulant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral. Fucoidan is anti-coagulant, anti-inflamatory and anti-viral. Its composition closely resembles human breast milk, the most perfect immuno-modulating food on the planet.  
Researchers have found fucoidan has the ability to:

- Relieve stomach ailments like ulcers and indigestion
-  Inhibit blood clotting, decreasing artery clogging, heart attack and stroke
-  Decrease unhealthful levels of cholesterol
-  Decrease high blood pressure
-  Exhibit anti-cancer, antiviral and antibacterial properties
-  Reduce free radical damage with its potent antioxidant   properties
-  Remove heavy metals, chemicals and dangerous toxins from the body
-  Stabilize blood sugar levels
-  May fight H. pylori, preventing the development of ulcers
-  Promote hair growth
-  Tighten skin and retain moisture
-  Inhibit onset of allergies
-  Enhance and support the immune system

Essential Glyconutrients ~
A newly discovered class of nutrients that play an integral role in the most basic functions of the human body: cell-to-cell communication.
Body Balance contains all 8 Essential Glyco-nutrients as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D3, E, amino acids, antioxidants, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, iodine, iron, copper, manganese, phytonutrients, fucoidan and all known trace minerals and rare earth minerals that are not in our food today.
These occur NATURALLY in the plants - they are not added chemicals, as are found in most nutritional products on the market.

“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency”.
Dr Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes

• Body Balance is absorbed into your cells within seconds.
• Vitamin pills are only 10 to 20% absorbed. Body Balance liquid is up to 98% absorbed.
• Only 2 to 4 ounces per day, provides the body with over 120 naturally occurring phytonutrients.
• Tastes GREAT, for the entire family
100% money back guarantee.

Body Balance provides your body with whole-food phytonutrients, enzymes, and more! This amazing blend provides the body with with Aloe Vera, black cherry, honey and an exclusive blend of 9 sea vegetables resulting in over 120 naturally occurring phytonutrients!

"Say Good Bye to Pills!"
Body Balance tastes great, and is so easy to swallow!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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